Position: Vice President

Education Committee Chairperson


My name is Charles Kost (I go by Chuck), and I have resided in the Pittsburgh area all my life. After my parents’ conversion from Catholicism, I attended various Christian schools, including Faith Community, Walnut Grove, and Hillcrest, through eighth grade. This solid Christian foundation served me well as I transitioned to Carrick High School and then throughout college. At Penn State, I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education and minor in Mathematics. In 2009, I earned my Master’s Degree in Education Administration, then I returned to Grand Canyon University to complete my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Instructional Leadership in 2013.

As a secondary teacher, I have spent the past 17 years as a computer science, mathematics, and alternative education teacher. After writing curriculum and material for national companies, including Texas Instruments, I started a business that focused on my talents and interests including writing, graphic design, and photography. My wife, Josie, and I formed our LLC in 2013 that focuses on educational materials and instruction. Josie and I were married in 2006 and had our first child, Rebekah, in 2015. Rebekah is finishing her second year at Jubilee and will be in second grade in the upcoming school year. In 2017, our twins, Christian and Charlotte were born and will be attending Jubilee after one final year at Kingdom Kids preschool.

When I am not teaching at the high school or spending time with family, I teach a variety of courses at three universities including Grand Canyon University, Colorado Technical University, and Aspen University. In this role, I help prepare the next generation of teachers and researchers. Additionally, I serve as a lighting director and producer at The Bible Chapel, where we attend church. Josie also serves as the worship leader at Port View United Methodist Church and as a teacher at Kingdom Kids Preschool.

Our dear friend, Netty Deemer, introduced us to JCS. Her passion for JCS is contagious, and after touring JCS, it was apparent that it was an excellent fit for Rebekah. As I continue to watch Rebekah’s progress educationally and spiritually, I feel led to offer my expertise and talents to serve and grow JCS. Christian education was paramount in my life, and as moral truth becomes more relative today, our children need a firm foundation on which to build.

My commitment to the Jubilee community, as a member of the Board of Trustees, includes ensuring a successful future for JCS by:

• increasing enrollment and funding,

• meeting the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and families,

• using my erudition to increase learning opportunities for all of JCS’s stakeholders,

• increasing the grade levels offered to serve our children better, and

• applying a servant leadership and prayerful approach to building upon JCS’s success, so more children have access to a quality Christian education.

Jubilee, and its students, are representatives of God’s Kingdom and demonstrate the light of Christ now and in the future. It would be an honor to further assist in sharing God’s love through a solid, Christ-based education so our students can continue to share salvation with others.