Education at Jubilee Christian School

Meet the Principal

To the Families of Jubilee Christian School:

For those I have not met, I want to introduce myself and give a little background of myself and what you
can expect moving forward regarding the closing school year and beyond, and perhaps a little perspective.

I am ‘Mrs. Will’, the kindergarten teacher here at Jubilee. I took over the position in February 2022. While
my time here has not been as extensive as my colleagues, with their influence, and knowledge of the
school’s history, vision, and purpose, I have come to respect and appreciate the mission of our educational
endeavor. I received my BA in Education having been trained in teaching integral curriculum from a
Christian perspective and Minor in Fine Arts from Covenant College. I hold other degrees in different
disciplines, but my heart has always been as an educator to build Christ followers. I have a background that
covers many experiences in Education, both secular and Christian, with diverse ages. I have worked with
and taught a range from infancy to my oldest student who was 108. I have also been on church staff in
many positions but always in education.

With that brief background, I know that I feel called, led, and prepared to serve the school. When I’ve been
asked how long I plan to remain or what my plans are, I tell them I feel led by Jesus to be here and will go
when I feel He is leading me otherwise. Obedience to His Will is what directs my life and journey.
It is with much prayer, study of His Word and meditation that I have assumed responsibilities including
and beyond that of the classroom. I, along with other staff members, am committed to maintaining the high
educational standards of Jubilee. Because of that, I can say with certainty that your child’s education will
continue, and your expectations will be upheld through the completion of the school year and beyond.

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please contact me. The office will be able to forward
any phone calls and I can be reached via e-mail at I look forward to
partnering with you in your child(ren)’s growth, development, and education.

In His Service,

D. Will