Jubilee-Christian-School Instructional Approach

Instructional Approach

One of the most distinctive aspects of Jubilee Christian School is our integrated approach to learning. First and foremost, this approach is centered around God as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. At Jubilee, He is central to everything we teach and study.

Each class, in grades K-6th, has a monthly unit theme that is integrated across the various subject areas. These monthly unit themes often focus on science, social studies, and language arts.

Field Experiences

Monthly field experiences are unit focused and narrow in scope to help the student make the connection of the unit study with real life.The following is a brief list of our field trip destinations: The Frick Art Museum, The Carnegie Science Center (various exhibits and group presentations are selected to match particular monthly units of study), Giant Eagle, Central Blood Bank, Linsly Outdoor Center, Heinz History Center.

Parental and Expert Involvement

Parents, and other community role models,play a keypart in the educational experience at Jubilee Christian School.Parents are encouraged to work with our teachers to determine ways they may share their valuable life experiences and areas of expertise inside the classroom. In recent months, Jubilee moms and dads —who are also medical professionals, police officers, foreign language/culture experts, etc. —have been invited into the classroom to share their knowledge and real-life experience with students. We also make use of the expertise of community professionals outside the Jubilee school family for classroom instruction, activities, and assemblies. We participate in assemblies given by The Carnegie Museum, Carnegie Science Center and other outside programs.

All School Unit

During the month of March, our entire school engages in an in-depth study of another country. The children learn about the country’s culture, economy, geography, history, art, and music in creative and fun ways, in addition to the traditional classroom teaching methods. Each year, March 1st is “Opening Day” when the school’s fellowship hall is elaborately decorated with paintings, drawings and cutouts depicting scenes of the particular country’s history and culture.As the month progresses, we offer unique field experiences such as language instruction, dance instruction, and presentations by guest speakers. At the end of the month, a “Closing Celebration” gives students the opportunity to share some of what they’ve learned with their family members through song, dance and art projects.

Memory Marathon

Because scripture memorization and knowledge is essential in preparing students for their role in the Kingdom of God, each month Jubilee students are required to memorize two scripture verses. In addition to the two required verses, there are several optional verses provided each month that students are encouraged to memorize for personal enrichment. These verses are age-appropriate, and often focus on the monthly unit theme. Students who memorize 26 or more verses in the course of the school year receive special recognition at the end of the school year. At Christmas and Easter, students are encouraged to memorize more lengthy passages relating to these most blessed events in the life of our Lord. The verses (a total of 104) are rotated on an every-other-year basis, so that when students are ready to move on from Jubilee they have committed to memory a strong foundation of key Biblical truth.


Weekly devotions are taught using Biblical accounts, music, memory verses, and drama to further enhance the Biblical principles taught in the classroom and at home. Chapel is lead by our principal, a local pastor, or one of our classes.