Is your school inter-denominational?

We have a variety of Christian denominations represented in our school. We currently draw from over 25 churches in and around the Pittsburgh area. Students are taught from a Biblically based, Christian worldview. All JCS teachers, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees sign our statement of faith.

Are all your teachers Christians?

All teachers who are employed by JCS sign our statement of faith and give a personal testimony of their faith in Christ. They exhibit the fruit of the spirit in their classrooms and teach from a Christian perspective.

What is the basic concept behind the integrated approach to learning?

 Academic disciplines and skills are taught in relation to a monthly unit topic grounded in science, social studies or language arts. Other disciplines, including early math studies as well as art and music education, are integrated with this unit topic enabling students to understand the connection of concepts across the curriculum. Educational field experiences and monthly projects are also integrated with this unit topic. The result is a hands-on, engaging learning environment in which students see how everything is connected because God —our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer —is at the center of it all. An all-school unit focusing on a foreign country is studied in depth every March.

How often do students have field experiences?

Students have frequent educational field experiences (typically one per month) that relate to the particular unit their class is studying. Field experiences are always an integrated part of the curriculum carefully chosen to enhance the unit or teach something new. All student costs for field experiences are included in tuition. Parents are encouraged to participate in off-site field experiences as drivers and chaperones.

Do you offer education in the arts, physical education, and extracurricular programs?

Jubilee’s curriculum includes art, music and physical education from educator’s specializing in these areas.

What is the content of Christian Education at JCS?

We focus on the love of God in sending His son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Because of His love we are called to build Christian character in students, foster their knowledge of the Scriptures, encourage their personal relationships with Jesus Christ, and teach what it means to be disciples of Christ. The integrated curriculum, music, Bible stories and devotions are used to fulfill our mission of providing an exemplary education rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is there any kind of character development instruction in the school?

Character development is integrated into the curriculum, taught through our Jubilee honor code which dictates classroom behavior, and communicated through the worship experiences of the student body. Lessons are presented at worship which teach appropriate character development through the use of Bible stories. Scripture memorization provides a foundation for the particular character concept being stressed. Parents are kept informed of the concepts being stressed as well as the Scripture memorization. Teachers reinforce these concepts constantly in the classroom.

What expectations do you have for parent involvement?

As a parent-supported school, we rely on the time and talents of our parents to work alongside our teachers and administrators. Each year, 5 to 12 elected parents and/or members of the community serve three-year terms on the JCS Board of Trustees, which focuses on the direction and vision of the school. Parents may also choose to serve on various operational and strategic committees such as finance, marketing, and development, where they can use their God-given skills and interests to enhance JCS. Day to day volunteer opportunities include driving on out-of-class field experiences, assisting with lunch supervision, classroom parents, and several one-time only events (i.e.: All School Unit, Race for Education, move-up ceremony, book fair, science fair, etc). JCS parents agree to volunteer at least four hours a month either in school or out of school.

What are your school hours?

School hours are 8:40 am to 3:15 pm.

What grades are available at Jubilee Christian School?

We offer kindergarten through sixth grade.

Are you hard and fast about a Kindergarten child being 5 years old by September 1?

In almost all cases, having a cutoff date of September 1 is in the best interest of students entering kindergarten. However, if a parent and preschool teacher believe that a child with a later birthday is ready for kindergarten, they may request a screening at Jubilee. Approval must be given by the Principal for admission in such cases. Parents would then need to sign a statement affirming their understanding that any subsequent transfer to a public school setting may involve enrollment issues at a later grade level.

Do you offer full-day and half-day kindergarten?

Yes, we typically offer both classes, based on the demand for one or the other in any given year. Our half-day kindergarten program runs from 8:40 –12:15 pm. Our full-day kindergarten program runs from 8:40am–3:15pm and includes the morning academic program and an afternoon enrichment program.

Do you offer busing?

Public school districts that are within a 10 mile radius (edge of district to edge of district) of Jubilee provide busing to our school. Transportation logistics are handled by the office staff of Jubilee and the individual school district. Mt. Lebanon School District does not provide busing. Jubilee has busing from a number of districts including, but not limited to, Keystone Oaks, Chartiers Valley, Peters Township, Upper St. Clair, City of Pittsburgh, Baldwin Whitehall, West Allegheny, and South Fayette.

What options are available for student lunches?

Students are required to bring a packed meal every day for lunch.They should also bring 1-2 snacks to enjoy in the classroom throughout the day.

How much homework is assigned?

General guidelines are set for the amount of daily homework that should be given according to grade level (e.g: 1st grade = 10-15 minutes, 2nd grade = 20 minutes, etc.). Spelling words, reading, math and memory verses are included. There is generally no homework on weekends, apart from the completion of monthly projects (such as posters, book reports, or oral presentations) that focus on their particular unit of study.

Are parents expected to be involved in homework?

In the lower grades, parents are expected to oversee their children’s homework and read with them, review spelling words, and help with projects. Feedback to the teacher regarding the difficulty or amount of homework is encouraged. In the upper grades, students are expected to take more responsibility for their work, as a means of creating independent learners in the classroom and at home. Parents’ support and encouragement in this effort is vital.

How often do students receive report cards and other progress reports from teachers?

Each student receives a report card every nine weeks. The first and third nine weeks includes a teacher’s conference. Apart from these regularly scheduled conferences, additional teacher’s conferences may be requested at any time during the school year. In addition, a request may be made to include the principal. Jubilee teachers communicate on a weekly basis with parents regarding general classroom learning and activities. They are also quick to communicate with parents regarding individual student achievement or concerns.

How do students test scores compare with school districts in the area?

We do not “teach to the test” by tailoring lesson plans to material covered on standardized tests, nor do we spend weeks preparing students to take standardized tests. Our students are given a standardized Terra Nova test every May and those scores are given to parents and their next grade teacher. Throughout the year students are assessed in reading fluency, comprehension, math, spelling and unit material.

What kind of discipline do you exercise at JCS?

Each teacher has his or her own framework for classroom discipline that focuses on recognizing and encouraging good behavior, as well as curbing wrong behavior. Warnings are given for wrong behavior, then if the problem persists the student may lose recess time or other privileges. Teachers are in close contact with parents and inform them of any recurring inappropriate behavior. The principal may also assist with discipline outside the classroom or when a teacher needs support in this area. At no time is corporal punishment administered.

Do you offer special education?

Support Services are available from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Jubilee is a non-public school and is not required to follow federal IEPs and 504 Plans from other schools. However, due to small class sizes and our extensive schedule, we will evaluate each individual student during the application process to determine if we can accommodate his/her needs.

How much is tuition?

At Jubilee we strive to keep tuition affordable. Current tuition rates are listed in our Tuition page. Tuition assistance is available and is based on financial need and fund availability each year. We offer discounts for families with multiple children, as well as for ministers, active military, and public safety personnel (police and fire).

How often does tuition increase?

Tuition increases occur in small increments as the need arises. These may coincide with the increased costs of books and materials, utilities, medical benefit costs, and other costs of operation. However, Jubilee is committed to providing an affordable Christian education for families, and every effort is made to keep tuition as low as possible.

Do you offer any kind of tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance is offered to families who qualify based on financial need and fund availability from year to year. A form may be obtained from the school office which requires appropriate income tax information to be submitted. For additional information, see the Tuition page. We actively solicit donations for our tuition assistance fund from corporations (through Pennsylvania’s EITC program), and individuals.

Do you offer an extended day program?

At this time we do not offer any before or after school care.

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