Jubilee-Christian-School Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Parents Testimonials

“I can’t say enough good things about the teachers and staff at Jubilee. We didn’t miss one single day of instruction.There are school districts that were not able to get things into place to start back up for nearly five weeks. (We live in such a district -the city of Pittsburgh.) I can’t imagine trying to get my fourth grader back into learning mode after having four or more weeks away from the classroom. We can move on to fifth grade next year knowing she is prepared and will have mastered the necessary appropriate grade level material just as she would have if things had remained normal this year. A particular area of concern is always math. When kids fall behind grade level in math, the catch-up can be very difficult.I have seen firsthand how two private schools -Jubilee and Cornerstone Prep, where my tenth grader attends –have not missed a single day of instruction and quickly developed a plan to continue without compromising the level of instruction.Some schools aren’t even grading assignments right now. This is a testament to what private schools are able to provide and how they’renot only meeting but exceeding the educational needs of our kids!”

“Jubilee has provided a learning platform so that thekids are still engaged and learning. This is so important to our daily structure and a sense of normalcy. We are so impressed by the continued innovative approach that the teachers and school take daily to provide the kids with the best possible experience.”

“In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic there was a lot I had to focus on and be concerned about. When the school districts unexpectedly closed on March 13, I was initially filled with trepidation about my daughter’s education but only for a minute. When I arrived home, there was a letter from Mrs. Iscman, the school’s principal, detailingJubilee’s plan for distance learning and there was some school work in my daughter’s bag for the upcoming week.Zoom teaching sessions were implemented quickly and when the school made the transition to use the Jigsaw platform for learning,we were supplied with a laptop computer to use. In all the uncertainty and disruption caused by the Coronavirus,Jubilee has been a constant and a source of stability. The teachers and administrators have been helping us to navigate these challenging times and because of them, my daughter’s education has not been disrupted.”