Technology & Media - Jubilee Christian School

At Jubilee, our instructional team is intentional about implementing a school-wide technology program that incorporates real-world experiences and that engages all learners from kindergarten through grade six. 

Along with a weekly technology class, where students learn the basics of hardware, typing, word processing, and responsible online navigation and research, our teachers have access to a class set of Chrome books, an interactive projector in each classroom, and several Ipads for one-to- one interactive instruction.

In recent years, the school has made several investments (via grants and generous donations) to strengthen our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program. Here are some details about Jubilee’s STEM program:


  • Students have access to advanced programming skills created by Carnegie Mellon University and the most current LEGO MINDSTORMS Educational Robotics program.
  • Students have built the EV3 Robot using technological building instructions based from LEGO MINDSTORMS.
  • Programming skills allow students to understand “real” life situations using robotic technology, such as the operational systems of traffic lights, autonomous farming, autonomous cars, etc.
  • Students learn how to use various motors, sensors, and looping in order to program the EV3, to complete various challenges.
  • Students participate in weekly to bi-weekly reflection questions for higher thinking and application of STEM, in the use of Robotics.
First Lego League
  • Students have already begun to explore First Lego League’s Pre-Season Global Challenge “Animal Allies”.
  • First Lego League will prepare students to think as scientists and engineers, as they build and create autonomous EV3 robots to complete robotic challenges.
  • Team formation (Grades 5 th -6 th ) for future Robotic First Lego League Competitions is in process for the coming school year.
  • Available Technology:
  • Students are using the state of the art Autodesk 123 Design to understand the following:

    - Learning current engineering and architecture

    - Designing STEM projects that pertain to “real” life designs and inventions.

    - 3D Printing STEM projects uniquely created using 123 Design

  • Project Ignite

    - A virtual technology based 3D Design program that includes: Math, Science, Art, and Engineering

    - Helps students step by step in learning the art of engineering and architecture at all levels.

  • Tinkercad

    - a virtual technological learning program that teaches CAD at all levels

  • 3D Printer used in classroom for both math and science projects

    - Students have designed and 3D printed the following: future housing plans, autonomous cars, future Pittsburgh buildings and bridges, malls, shopping centers, and even future robots!

  • Digital Microscope and digital microscope programming

    - Students can visually see and discuss various microorganisms using Digital Microscope programming.

Oct 25, 08:40AM - 12:00PM    Race for Education, Noon Dismissal
Oct 29, 06:30PM - 08:00PM    Open House 6:30 pm
Nov 01, 12:00AM - 06:00PM    End of 1st Grading Period
Nov 04, 08:00AM - 05:00PM    No School, Teacher Work Day
Nov 05, 08:00AM - 05:00PM    No School, Parent Teacher Conferences