Alumni Spotlight - Jubilee Christian School

Alumni Spotlight

A Jubilee education helps students to achieve their full potential in mind, body and spirit for service to Christ in the Church, and in the world at large.  Our alumni have a solid foundation upon which to build studies in higher education and successful careers.

In the profiles below, a few of our JCS alums share what they're up to now:

JCS Alum Profiles

Beth PhiferBeth Phifer -- Class of 2003


Cate BirdyCate Birdy -- Class of 2012


Jonah PhillipJonah Philipp -- Class of 2011


Sean MaxwellSean Maxwell -- Class of 2015


Nolan KondrichNolan Kondrich -- Class of 2011


Nathan McKerleyNathan McKerley -- Class of 2007


Jessica Sourbeer -- Class of 2010


Hannah NewmanHannah Newman -- Class of 2006