When choosing where your child will attend school, we believe it is important that you have the opportunity to not only tour the facility but also meet those individuals who will directly impact the educational and social growth of your child. And since we agree with the familiar expression, that "seeing is believing," we highly encourage you to stop by our school and take a tour.

A tour of Jubilee Christian School typically lasts no longer than a half hour. Your guide will be happy to share with you our facility as well as the distinct characteristics of a school that encourages parent involvement and prides itself in a biblically-based, integrated curriculum.

For more information about scheduling your personal tour of Jubilee Christian School, please contact our school office at 412-561-5917. We look forward to meeting with you and exploring the possibility of your joining our school family.

Aug 23, 07:00PM -    New Parent Orientation
Aug 28, 11:00AM - 01:00PM    Meet the Teacher
Aug 29, 12:00AM - 07:00PM    First Day of School (1st-5th Grade)
Aug 30, 12:00AM - 07:00PM    First Day of School (Kindergarten)